1 inch double thickness, stitched adjustable buckle strap - Long


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Here at Tinbox Angel we offer a variety of different strap sizes and colours. So, we have decided to create a listing for each of our straps to make it easier for you to choose any addition straps which you would like to have with your bag. 

1 inch double thickness and stitched buckle strap - crossbody. A strap which is made to last a lifetime.  This is no ordinary mass produced strap - The process is as follows:

First the leather is cut from the hide on our workbench, then two pieces of leather are glued together to create the structure.  Once this is set, the strap is cut - the strap is cut to size and stitched - The strap is then sanded and the edges burnished. Some leather may require an edge paint - this is then done at this stage. The buckle and holes are added to enable you to adjust the strap and finally the clips to enable you to add it to your favourite bag.

Please note that you must have the correct D or O rings on the bag you intend using the strap on.  If your bag is a Tinbox Angel bag, chances are the attachments are there and good to go but if in doubt please just drop us a message. 

If you would like a swatch of leather in the colour you would like to choose, please just ask.

Please ensure you select the correct hardware colour to match your existing bag.  Gold, Antique Brass or Silver colour are available.

Dimensions: 119 cm (shortest length) - 136 cm (fully extended)  Width 2.5 cm (1 inch) including buckle