Full Grain Aniline Leather Tote Bag BlackBerry , Chilli Red Green


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Beautiful everyday tote bag created in Full Grain Aniline leather.  This aniline leather is very special, at 2.2 mm thick the leather is here to stay for a very long time.  Full grain leather is the very top, the most luxurious and durable part of the hide, and incororates all the beautiful contours you would expect to see from a leather of this quality.  Available in three incredible colours; Honeysuckle, Lime and Mulberry.  Your choice of strap colour to co-ordinate with your wardrobe.    Inside a slip pocket perfect for your phone and purse.  Additional zipper bag can be purchased which clips conveniently inside the bag for added security.

Dimensions: 17" H x 13.5"W x 6"D